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Waste To Energy

B&W work in partnership with our sister company Twinwoods Heat & Power. Located right next door, this biomass power plant is one of the few which are permitted to process all types of waste wood and oily rags.

120 tonnes of contaminated, hazardous and non-hazardous wood and oily rags are incinerated each day to generate clean, green energy which is exported into the National Grid. This is a carbon neutral, renewable source of energy that uses waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.

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Green Power

Sustainability is the word of the future and we are trying to make our stand for a brighter & green solution.

Working in the waste industry makes us aware of the impact we in the UK have on the environment. Our waste to energy power plant enables us to provide not only a disposal outlet for the entire country but one also do our part for the environment.

Burning wood produces no more carbon dioxide than leaving it to decompose naturally, and it reduces the risk of harmful contaminates leeching into the environment.

By disposing of your waste through B&W you can achieve your sustainability goals and we will provide you with all of the documentation you need to remain compliant.

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Hazardous Wood

Waste wood from construction and demolition sites, flooring, fencing and any wood that has been painted, glued, varnished or otherwise chemically treated can all cause harm to the environment if not disposed of properly.

For this reason the Environmental Agency has recently indicated that it will be stepping up on inspections, and even prosecutions, for businesses not correctly disposing of their waste wood.

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General Wood

We are simply your one-stop-shop. Wood is delivered, shredded & incinerated all in one place. This enables vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint by not having to transport waste wood from one place to another.

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Oily Rags

Thousands of tonnes of oily rags are consigned abroad each year meaning more fuel costs to ship and transport either end of the boat. We decided to provide you with an easy solution right here in the UK. It's not only right from a logistics point of view but we produce green energy from this process.


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