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Secure Shredding

Our Bedford facility holds a variation of shredders enabling us to process a large volume of waste and even shred to a good enough quality to use as a biomass fuel. The shredded material is processed through a Waste To Energy power plant to produce green energy exported directly back to the National Grid. 


Plastic Recycling

Many types of plastic are consigned & processed through our shredders including High Density Polyethylene & Polypropylene.

These products are key to our recycling process which are used in many everyday products.

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Contaminated Material

Fabrics that have been contaminated with oil or other chemicals are classed as hazardous waste and therefore must be disposed in accordance with current Hazardous Waste Regulations.
Not only can we accept these waste streams, we can extract certain products to use as fuel to produce green energy.

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Secure Destruction

Many products have an expiry, can be damaged in transit or quite simply no longer be required.
Our secure destruction process enables us to destroy materials and issue certificates of destruction to satisfy our customers. We can even provide video footage of the process.

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Wood Waste

Wood waste is the fuel source used for our Wood Waste To Energy Plant. Our shredders provide us with a clean, top quality wood enabling us to generate green energy.

Did You Know...

As well carrying out secure destruction for many clients, we retrieve all primary materials from the waste streams consigned and apply a pre-process to them to increase the volume of waste to it's recycling or recovery process reducing our carbon footprint by 50%!


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