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Managing Your Waste

Waste is something not many businesses want to handle yet they all produce it. Whether it is a small or large volume, hazardous or not, waste is being generated everywhere!

Waste Management companies such as ourselves provide suitable containers on your premises tailored to your businesses requirements. Our fleet of vehicles carry out regular services throughout the UK for scheduled collections, exchanges or deliveries.

Hazardous Waste is what we specialise in and because of that we provide a very simple way of ensuring your waste is collected and disposed of in an efficient yet compliant manner. Being situated where we are means transport charges are always competitive regardless of your location and the turnaround is good.

Here at B&W Waste Management Services Ltd, we pride ourselves in having customers since the very first year of opening in 2006, working closer with them each year to continually improve on our service. Many of our customers will tell you how much they value the service we provide in many different aspects.

For years we have been able to provide a home for everyone's waste reducing our carbon footprint more and more. We recently opened Twinwoods Heat & Power Ltd which is a Waste To Energy power plant that acts as a final disposal route for us literally next door! This enables us to reduce our carbon footprint to next to nothing but also provide clean Green Energy on the back of it.

Please follow our upcoming blogs for more information.

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